Feeling anxious or can’t sit still?

We created AC TOYZ to provide unique sensory accessories and toys to help with all fidgeting needs, from the texture to the scent, sensory slime to our Comfort Keychains®, each product is designed to stimulate all senses! 🐳

Comfort Keychains® Pop, Click, Squish & more!

Sensory Slime

Comfort Plushies

Keychain add-ons & fidget toys

Happy faces 😊

  • Violet the Bunny

    Our Comfort Keychains® feature multiple mini fidget and sensory accessories such as clickers, a mini game, mini pop it and more!

  • Blush the Bunny

    Each keychain is designed to meet your needs, whether it be to relax, fidget, stimulate, or distract.

  • Blu the Whale

    We've found that they particularly help those with ADHD, anxiety and autism!