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🍭 NEW✨ Mystery Candy Slime Bundle

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What’s in a Mystery Candy Slime Box? 🎥  

Get your mystery pack of candy sbutter slimes! As good as they feel and look, they are NOT for eating - the free sweets inside are for that!

You will get 3 mystery 3oz sslimes, 1 bottle of activator, clay sprinkles and random sweets! (Don’t forget to melt the packing peanuts in the sink!) 


🍭Each pot of butter slime is different; You could receive 3 of the following: 


🍪 Cookie Dough (Brown) 

🥛 Candy Floss (Pink)

🫐 Bubble Gum (Purple)

🍡 Marshmallow (White)

🍋 Lemon Sherbet (Yellow)

🍫 Mint Chocolate (Mint Green)


📦 Delivery in 5-8 working days to UK & NI 



 • All slime is made to non-sticky consistency, however if placed in hot conditions or under direct sunlight, can melt, in this case use activator provided. Do NOT purposely place slime on material surfaces. 

• keep in a cool dry place, out of sunlight and away from radiators and other warm areas. 

DO NOT eat, wash hands before and after use. Not suitable for under 3's. Must be accompanied by an adult whilst being played with. MAY CONTAIN boric acid and other chemicals.