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Violet the Bunny Comfort Keychain® 💜

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*Violet is Comfort Keychain of the month and will be discounted for the month of April* 💜


🐰 The Violet Boba Bunny Comfort Keyring has 4 different accessories to fidget with. These are designed to help relieve anxiety, stress and help neurodivergent individuals focused. 

Each Comfort Keychain character has their own sensory needs. Designed to help normalise additional needs, come away from labelling, and to help their owner feel like they aren’t alone if they also have similar needs. Your best friend in the form of a ✨Comfort Keychain✨.

read about each individual character on their personality cards, from their allergies, best friend, star signs & favourite food 🐰 

The Comfort Keychains can replace bad fidgeting habits such as nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking etc, and can help distract from overwhelming thoughts and feelings. As each accessory is mini, the keychain can be taken anywhere! 

Each accessory is designed to stimulate the senses, whether it be to distract, relaxfidget, or just for fun!



  • Super soft Violet the bunny plushie 
  • Mini ‘get the bunny’ game
  • Boba Bunny with beach ball
  • Mini popit 
  • Wristlet
  • AC TOYZ PVC bag

“This is my daughter Willow…. she finds concentration and sitting still very difficult specially at school and I can’t not tell you how these keychains have helped her in her school days … Paige & Willow 🩷”


Delivery to  UK & NI 🇬🇧  

* UK 3-5 working day delivery *may be longer around busy periods*

not suitable for under 3’s. Choking hazard. Contains small parts

*UKCA & CE safety certified and Phthalate free. 

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